The team behind the technology

About Us

We are a dynamic team of physicists, engineers, biologists, economists, and software developers, united by a common passion for technology and innovation. Our shared mission is to enhance the safety of food and drinking water by utilizing cutting-edge nanotechnology.

Our commitment lies in providing industries with the means to swiftly, easily, and securely detect pathogenic bacteria. Through our technology, we achieve the rapid and unequivocal identification of bacteria within minutes, precisely where the contamination originates.

Transitioning from academia to business posed its challenges, but the spark for NanoStruct ignited when our co-founder and CTO, Enno Schatz, envisioned leveraging the highly precise nanostructures developed during his scientific work at the University of Würzburg as amplifiers to detect minute concentrations of contaminants and germs. With a team blending management expertise, financial acumen, leadership skills, and technical knowledge, we embarked on this journey. The university project NanoStruct evolved into NanoStruct GmbH, headquartered in Würzburg since 2021.

We pave the way

The founders

Kai Leibfried


I am Kai, the financial expert of the NanoStruct team. In short, I ensure that the numbers add up at NanoStruct. With my extensive experience in the financial industry and my academic focus on entrepreneurship, I strive to contribute my share to the success of NanoStruct. What sets me apart? A solid willingness to take risks, endurance, and speed, not only in building our startup but also on the running track. I follow the motto of setting goals, achieving them, and continuously improving as a person.


Henriette Maaß


I am Henriette, the CEO of NanoStruct. For me, founding a company, building and leading a startup, in short, living entrepreneurship, primarily means three things: 1. Making decisions that impact not only myself but also my immediate surroundings, employees, customers, and partners, and thus taking responsibility for my own future and that of the people around me. 2. Having the chance to make a change with our innovative product. 3. Learning something new every single day.


Enno Schatz


My name is Enno, and I am the technology expert on the team. The idea for NanoStruct struck me in 2018 when inquiries were made about selling the nanotechnology I had developed during my scientific work. It was then that I truly realized the potential of the technology I had created to serve as an amplifier for detecting minute amounts of harmful substances. The initiative for founding NanoStruct was born. I understand nanotechnology, optics, and spectroscopy, and with our product, I bring together my expert knowledge.


We make visions come true


Sophia von der Bey


I'm Sophia, the nanostructuring expert in the NanoStruct team. In addition to my structured and orderly work approach, I am immensely curious for interdisciplinary topics beyond nanotechnology. Years of competitive sports have made perseverance, motivation, teamwork, and performing under pressure familiar to me.


Leo Siebigs


I'm Leo, pursuing a master's degree in Quantum Technology and have been part of the NanoStruct team since 2022. At NanoStruct, I am involved in the production of thin films and the nanostructuring of the sensor chips. When I'm not working on nanotechnology, I enjoy playing chess with my fellow students.


Linus Wilm


My name is Linus, and since mid-2023, I've been supporting the microbiology department at NanoStruct, contributing my knowledge from my microbiology studies and preparing the measurements on bacteria. Privately, I am particularly passionate about sports, and interested in almost every discipline from triathlons to skiing. I also enjoy board and card games.


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