Our Technologie. Your safety.

Our goal is to bring the identification of bacteria in industrial environments to a new level. The foundation for this is our nanotechnology and a method that allows for the rapid identification of harmful substances. NanoStruct represents a new level in analytics:


Substance identification within minutes


Automated data analysis in a portable tool


Unambiguous identification of bacterial species as well as different contaminants

Smart. Innovative. Versatile.

Areas of application

We make food safe

Food industry

Bacteria such as Listeria and Salmonella can lead to dangerous diseases. Currently the process to identify these pathogens takes up to a week, resulting in delays in production processes, equipment downtime, and product quarantine. Through rapid and unambiguous on-site identification, manufacturers are enabled to expedite processes, eliminate waiting times, and enhance the safety of their products.

Every drop counts


Drinking water is our most essential resource, yet contaminants and pathogenic bacteria can frequently be found in our water. These contaminants can accumulate and, in serious cases, cause short- and long-term health problems and environmental damage. The safety of our drinking water is a high priority that must be protected. Through fast on-site identification of bacteria, sources of unwanted contaminants can be identified and addressed quickly.

Where it counts the most!

Medical Technologies

Especially in the medical field, every undetected bacterium poses a high risk. Clean and germ-free work environments, especially in the production and processing of products for the medical sector, is essential. Continuous monitoring of bacterial contamination is mandatory. However, the detection and identification of a bacterium are associated with long waiting times. Immediate identification of bacteria allows for real-time control, such as in-time monitoring of cleaning measures, leading to an overall higher efficiency and improved hygiene management.

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